Setting the Standards in Due Diligence.

Beyond the Records. Below the Surface web. There is a lot more to discover.

Neotas join the dots in digital trails to reveal true character, behaviours, and networks.

Enriched Due Diligence

Intelligence Source for KYC, AML, SMR, EDD

Enhanced Staff Screening

Neotas’ Open Source Intelligence platform harvests digital trails in the deep web.  Experienced analysts join the dots to reveal true character, behaviours and networks. We untangle the digitally interconnected world.

Search engines can only search 4-6% of the Internet.

We offer military grade intelligence drawing from untapped data sources and  answer the questions that you didn’t know to ask.


HR and Recruitment Enhanced Staff Screening

Our employee checks go beyond database checks: we investigate criminal and financial records to unveil the true character of an individual from  their digital footprint.

Investors Enriched Due Diligence

Private Equity, Venture Capital, M&A – our product gives you a deeper insight into the network, motivators, behaviour and character of the person you invest in – this helps you make critical business decisions with confidence.

Compliance, KYC, AML, SMR, EDD

No longer a box ticking exercise. We help our clients avoid accusations of negligence by going beyond the current practices in compliance. Our open source intelligence process provides evidence and insights that are currently unutilised.

Online Vulnerability Assessment

Do you know your digital footprint exposes you to fraud? We discover your digital trail and assist in locking down and sanitizing your online presence to protect your reputation.

"I engaged Neotas for the first time on a piece of diligence for a potential new investment.  We found the report to be very informative, providing a level of insight far beyond anything we'd been able to achieve internally or through more traditional due diligence"

Partner, Private Equity Firm


Partner, Executive Search Firm

"The human aspect is compelling and definitely something we will use going forward."

Partner, Venture Capital Firm

"They squeezed all the juice out of the lemon: fantastic service."

Partner, Private Equity Firm

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