Are Your People Your Greatest Asset or Biggest Threat?

We all know the importance of background checks but they are often limited to only checking details against databases, such as the electoral roll, credit checks, references and employment history.

Whilst these are important they don’t really tell you about the person. Neotas complements the traditional screening process by using our proprietary software, which delves deeper and discovers insights and facts that current database checks fail to unearth.

In our modern digitally interconnected society there is so much more information that can and should be leveraged.

What information can we tell you about…

The Individual:

Identify usual greetings, aliases, nicknames
Identify key individuals and influencers
Identify business contacts/co-directors/business acquaintances
Confirm addresses and locations
Identify family and friends of interest or concern
Identify email addresses
Identify phone numbers
Identify freelance roles and directorships not otherwise disclosed

Their Behaviours:

Derive key motivators
Identify personality traits
Identify behavioural traits
Identify level of involvement in activities/hobbies – e.g. sports, gambling, gaming
Identify sales and purchases behaviours
Identify habits
Identify preferences
Attitudes to work and life
Sentiment and language analysis

Their Online Presence:

Assess vulnerabilities exposed by the individual
Reveal pattern of life behaviour

What information have we uncovered lately during our screenings?

  • 4 Individuals have been reported to the UK Serious Fraud Office for activities uncovered by Neotas
  • 2 Individuals have been reported to Crimestoppers for criminal activity
  • 1 Person has been referred through PREVENT for radicalisation concerns
32% of all of our cases had areas of Risk and Concerns
42% of cases had employment, directorship and educational inconsistencies

Staff & Pre-Employment Screening Case Studies

The Criminal Without A Record

Neotas completed a pre-employment staff screening on a potential new employee who had been through traditional background checks and two interview stages with no issues raised. The screening was performed using the subjects CV and no additional information.

The following risk areas were identified:

  • The subject was recognised through social media as being actively involved in football related violence. In one specific incident, the subject posted videos, images and commentary positively identifying himself as being the individual responsible for an attack on police officers. The subject openly encouraged violence against opposing teams, fans and police officers alike on a number of occasions.
  • Significant discussion and media relating to substance use and abuse, specifically Ketamine and Cocaine, was identified through social media platforms by the individual and key associates.
  • The subject actively engaged  and promotesd sexist, homophobic and racist content including personally attacking individuals through their online accounts and profiles.

As a result of the screening completed by Neotas, the subject was subsequently removed from the recruitment process, and in consultation with the client, was reported to Crime Stoppers.

One Person, Multiple Identities

Prior to a job offer being issued, an individual applying for a financial consultancy role underwent a staff screening. The individual had an impressive CV, confirmed references and had performed well at interview.

The following information is a sample of the content identified:

  • The subject appeared in open sources under three separate identities, dates of birth and nationalities. This occured in businesses registered under the differing identities, as well as in professional and personal accounts.
  • No details provided in the individual’s CV could be positively confirmed through open sources. The subject was not listed at any provided institution, neither professional nor academic. Additionally, professional profiles created by the individual varied greatly in content including four LinkedIn profiles all with professional engagement with others.
  • The subject, under one of the discovered identities, was listed in official documentation at a University he did not list on his CV.
  • Key individuals identified in conjunction with the subject were discovered to be fake accounts created by the subject, including a person whom the subject claimed to be in a three-year relationship with.

In summary, the individual was exposed as operating both professionally and personally under multiple identities all of which were supported by falsified documentation and credentials. The individual was subsequently not hired by the consultancy.

Enhancing the Quality of Your Workforce with Digitally Enhanced Screening

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